Exterminators in Bakersfield, CA

Are you sharing your home or business with uninvited “guests?” They could be doing more damage than you realize. Your Bakersfield pest control services will help you to have the place to yourself again, protecting your property and giving you peace of mind.

Insect Issues

From termites to cockroaches and ants, being in the middle of an insect habitat is an unpleasant experience. We use the safest methods to protect your home or business, keeping it insect-free.

Say Goodbye to Rodents

It’s not just that rodents present a health risk, they also gnaw through structures and turn stored goods into nesting material. We’ll find out where they’re hiding, and end your problem quickly and effectively.

Our Customized Service

Every building is different, and your space could be affected by specific pests or a combination of pests. Our inspections determine our strategy, and we’ll find out just how you came to have a pest infestation in the first place!

How Our Pest Control Services Help You

We inspect buildings from attic to basement, seeking out pests wherever they may be hiding.

We prepare a detailed pest control strategy that includes future pest prevention.

With your approval, we carry out our pest control program, freeing you from all the critters that have been pestering you.

Our Expertise is Your Guarantee

Our pest control experts know their enemies well. Without an understanding of the habits and life cycles of various pests, control may only be temporary. We seek out long-term solutions on your behalf.

Bakersfield pest control has never been simpler or more effective. Simply get a highly-trained professional from our team to sort out your pest problem. We investigate cause as well as effect, and we’ll find out just why pests found your property so attractive too.

Next, we put our expertise to work on your current problem, using chemicals and methods that aren’t available to lay-people. Remember, we always choose the safest and least toxic methods. If organic or natural remedies can work, we will apply them. If need be, we’ll pay you a follow-up visit just to make sure that we can dust our hands off and say: “Problem? Solved!”

Do you want to know more about your local Bakersfield pest control services
and how they could apply to you? Call us for a chat. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have!

Top Rated Bakersfield Exterminators & Termite Inspectors

You’ve heard scuttling; maybe you’ve found the droppings. You know they’re there, but what should you do about it? To begin with, relax! Second, consider your options. Sure, you can try home remedies, but we’re ready to guarantee you’ll just decrease pest numbers temporarily. Why not get rid of the problem properly and professionally?
You might be worried about pest control prices, but that’s another issue that shouldn’t trouble you. With us, you’ll get experienced pest controllers working on your case for less than you might think. Feel free to ask others for estimates; we believe you’ll find that we remain the best choice. We won’t promise to be the cheapest. There are companies that cut corners, but there are ways to evaluate quotes for value. Let’s jog you through the process.

How To Choose A Pest Management Company

Who will you choose? The nearest? The cheapest? Here’s how to evaluate pest control companies in Bakersfield impartially:

  1. Start by getting your estimates. These should be detailed enough to indicate what services they include and what methods will be used. Read the fine print too. Are you happy with the terms of service?
  2. Talk to the companies that gave you those quotes. Ask questions. Nobody expects you to be an expert at pest control, but a reputable company should be willing to explain everything in detail.
  3. Check out company reputations. Are there any complaints online? Were they resolved? Were most reviews positive?
  4. Find out whether the companies you are in contact with offer any guarantees. If they don’t, why not?The best pest control requires training and certification. It’s also your guarantee of safe, environmentally-friendly pest control. If this information isn’t offered, ask.
  5. Insurance is also an important point. You don’t want to be held responsible if a pest control operative has a slip and fall or other accident.
  6. Are you signing a longer-term agreement for building-wide pest management? What are the contract terms? Make sure you aren’t locked in.

List of Our Services:
• Pest control – Residential
• Pest control – Commercial
• Bed Bug control
• Bird control
• Carpenter ant control
• General ant control
• Tick & flea control
• Floor & drain cleaning
• Fly control
• Mosquito control
• Odor control
• Rodent and wildlife control
• Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
• Scorpion control
• Termite inspection & control
• Termite bait & monitoring services
• Dry wood termite control
• Subterranean termite removal
• Fumigation services
• Insulation installation
• Rat Control
• Spider control
• Bee & wasp removal
• Roach control and extermination

Common pests that households and businesses need help with


There’s only one way to get rid of ants! Squishing, spraying and jumping up and down on them don’t work. There’s a whole nest of them somewhere, and that queen can lay eggs like you won’t believe! We get to her highness, putting you back in charge. In the vast majority of cases, we persuade ants to take yummy pesticides right into their nests. No more ants, no more problem.

Bed Bugs

Nasty, nasty bed bugs deliver painful bites, and getting rid of them is nearly impossible – unless you have professionals on your side. We get rid of the adults AND the eggs that are waiting to hatch. Look forward to peaceful sleep and a bed bug-free home thanks to our bed bug defense strategies. Call us today.

Bees, wasps, and hornets

When stinging insects move in, things can get pretty scary. Whatever you do, don’t annoy them. Bees are environmental guardians, so professional bee removal is the best solution. Other stingers may get rougher treatment, but you get great service and safety from stinging insects.


Are mosquitoes lining up to bite you at night? Where do they come from? How can you keep them away? We’re here to solve your problem. Why live with mosquitoes if you don’t have to?


Does anyone love cockroaches? The very sight of them gives us an unpleasant, stomach churning sensation. If you knew their habits, it would be even worse! As it is, the sight and the smell of them are probably enough to send you scurrying for the pesticide. But roaches are great at concealment. The ones you see are just the tip of the iceberg. Get lasting control right now.

Ticks and fleas

Crawlers and hoppers and painful, itchy bites: ticks and fleas are definitely unwelcome visitors. As with bed bugs, the eggs are the issue that most people miss. You need every inch of potential nesting habitat wiped out. Try our fumigation service – satisfaction guaranteed.

Spiders and scorpions are scary

Although they rarely cause massive infestations, certain species of spider can be very dangerous while others merely give us painful bites that take a long time to heal. If you’re worried about spiders and scorpions, call us for a pest inspection. We’ll check for all kinds of pets, identify your spiders, seek out your scorpions and solve your problem.


Preventative pest control is called for! Massive underground termite nests provide a source for wood-eating termites that destroy wooden building materials. You won’t even see signs of termites until there’s extensive damage! First, we find out if you already have a termite problem. Second, we control any termites we may find. Thirdly, and most importantly, we provide you with a termite barrier to prevent these nasties from eating into your assets.

Rats and mice

Mice may be cute, but they cause untold damage. Rats definitely aren’t cute, and they cause even worse problems. Rodents gnawing through wiring, destroying insulation, and nesting in storage spaces can cause untold damage. That’s without even taking the hygiene aspect into account. With us, they don’t stand a chance!

Crickets, lawn caterpillars, fire-ants, pigeons – what’s your problem?

Whatever your pest problem, we have the solutions. From homes to housing units, businesses, and industrial premises or even lawns we help large and small clients to get the upper hand over pests. Choose us as your exterminators in Bakersfield, California.

Pest prevention saves you damage and risk

Would you like to prevent future infestations? Apart from using every means at our disposal to achieve this for you, we will also look at the sources of pest incursion. A little building maintenance may be called for, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that pests will stay out of your premises.

Before you purchase a property, and every three years thereafter, you should have regular pest inspections. The less severe the problem is when it is detected, the less chance there is for the pests to have caused serious damage and the easier they are to control. This final pest prevention step is the one that many people miss – to their cost.

Who can pest control contractors help?

Homeowners trust our Pest control Bakersfield CA company, but so do those whose livelihoods literally depend on a pest free environment. For example, food producers and hospitality companies can be shut down if they fail a health inspection owing to pests. Imagine a rat on the loose amongst heavy industrial machinery and powerful electrical installations. Pests present real hazards that very few people are aware of.

We serve clients in:

• The hospitality industry where one cockroach is one too many.
• Apartment buildings where pest management is crucial to the building’s reputation.
• Industrial concerns where valuable equipment must be protected from pest incursions.
• Offices and shops where stored materials and customer service facilities must be kept pest-free.

High quality, affordable pest control starts here. Choose the local business that has the qualifications, expertise, and experience to take care of your pest issues. Whether you have a tiny apartment or a massive warehouse, our in-house consultants and pest control operators are ready to battle those pests. We will win. We always do – and so will you!